In a commercial B2B business, where people-buy-people, trusted relationships are at the heart of revenue growth. It isn't warehousing, logistics or production lines that dictate success but the enagement with existing customers, your referral relationships and new business contacts. The legal sector is no exception.

But that isn't the only legal issue. GDPR is set to change the way we communicate and it will particularly impact the legal sector.

Mass mailing, cold calling, cold mailing, list buying. A numbers game. Attractive when you are time-poor and need to blitz BD. But all big red flags for GDPR.

Don't worry, I have good news.

These outbound approaches are the ones most affected by GDPR. However they are the channels with the lowest conversion rates therefore the least likely to drive revenue growth.

The good news -  inbound, content marketing and relationship-led BD gives the highest conversion rates. Content via PR, news, blogs, video, social etc. allows you raise your profile, share great and interesting insights without trying to force yourself down telephone lines and into inboxes uninvited. Your content builds profile and trust; people want to hear from you - they opt in.

More good news. You can deliver engaging content that builds relationships via channels that you can measure and track. 

With inbound you get both the profile & relationships and get to play the numbers game. Win-win.