The latest statutory inquiry opened by the Charity Commission has been reported on the Commission's website.

It concerns the repeated failure of Chabad Lubavitch UK (charity number 227638) to file its accounting documents on time with the Commission.

The Commission has for a few years now been cracking down on charities who fail to file their annual accounts and returns on time, in particular charities guilty of "double defaulting" - that is failing to file accounts on time in consecutive years.

In this case, it appears that the charity concerned (whose income figure is far from insignificant) is a quintuple defaulter, failing to file accounts on time for five consecutive years. It is perhaps a surprise that the Commission has taken this long to take formal regulatory steps.

The charity is now open to scrutiny by the Commission of all aspects of its governance and so other issues may arise during the course of the inquiry beyond the administrative failures. The inquiry is likely to take some time but it would not be a surprise to see the Commission exercise its power to issue an Official Warning given the repeated pattern of failure by the charity trustees.

I will keep my eyes peeled for the regulatory report.