I'll admit that one of my favourite treats when heading up to the Lakes is to stop at one of the many Booths to be found dotted around the M6 and buy some lovely drinks and nibbles for my day/weekend away.  I love that it's also a family business.

What I do find interesting is that despite being 96% owned by various members of the Booth family, chairman Edwin Booth completely threw historic hiring practices out of the window when he took the helm in 1992, and the appointment of their first non-family CEO is evidence of this policy.

So many family businesses have historically made hiring decisions based on surname, and it's difficult to see how this ensures the best person for the job.  Many family businesses even seem to "make up" jobs just so that family members have a place (and a salary).

The modern approach, as so perfectly demonstrated by Edwin Booth, is to hire on merit alone.  This has resulted in the supermarket chain counting only two Booths among its nearly 3,000 employees (including himself).

This causes me to wonder, at what point (despite being family owned) is a family business no longer a family business, if no-one from the family works there?