Increasing profile is a key objective for individuals in professional services. And your online profile is a key part of achieving that objective.

Whether you want more engagement on LinkedIn or want to increase the reach of your tweets, people can often hit a bit of a 'sharers block' when it comes to personal profile. One of my most frequently asked questions is 'What should I share?'

The rule of three is a really simple way of rethinking what you post and engage with online. And the other benefit is that it helps make your online profile more authentic, ultimately more like the real you - which in turn increases your profile and engagement. 

Put simply, think about splitting down what you share into three areas:

  • One third work: Your own blogs, your department's content, the firm's news.
  • One third professional interest: News relevant to your role, your client's sector or your firm, national news, client news, reports and research.
  • One third personal interest: news, media, sports, events - if you'd talk about it at a networking event then it is likely people are talking about it online! 

The thing to keep in mind is to be authentic. Think about the things you talk about with contact and clients when you meet face to face. Share things of interest, add value and keep your audience in mind. 

So when you're asking yourself the following questions; how do I get more out of social media? What should I be sharing? How to I build my profile? Remember the rule of three and bring your insights, interests and personality online.