Last night was the Future Boss Club (better than your average) Christmas Party.  

The aim of the event was to showcase the achievements of our Future Bosses since the organisation was launched earlier this year.

As a co-founder of Future Boss Club, it was inspiring to watch our members confidently networking with the other guests who included mentors, employers and other leading figures from the business community.

We have hosted a number of events this year with the purpose of promoting professional and personal development including workshops on networking, confidence building, managing personal finances, looking after your digital presence and many more.

We have also hosted a hugely successful panel event with female leaders from across different industries with a view to demonstrating to our members the importance of role models.  It is a mantra of Future Boss Club that 'you can't be what you can't see' and we make it our job to make these role models visible to our members.

Now that we have identified that there is definitely a demand for Future Boss Club, we are looking forward to growing the concept in 2018 with bigger and better events, and an increased membership base.