Readers of this blog will be aware that there is a great deal of attention being focused  on the issue of gender equality; especially with the implementation of the Gender Pay Gap Regulations requiring employers (presently with more than 250 employees) to publish a gender pay gap report by 4 April 2018.

But what of the issue of the ethnicity pay gap?

This article in the Guardian highlights 'depressing new figures' that demonstrate ethnic minority workers are being underpaid.  

In particular, the study finds that ethnic minority workers in London's public sector face a pay gap of 37%.

Whether or not employers are required to do so, many are taking steps to publish their gender pay information; in many cases to highlight good practice, to appease staff uncertainty, to undermine competition and to attract talent.

For similar reasons, employers might want to consider publishing their ethnic pay data. 

Given the swell of public support for gender equality, it surely can't be long before the regulations are extended to cover ethnic pay.