I think this is just fantastic and I've added David Solomon to my list of inspirational leaders to try to learn from.

If it's okay for Goldman Sachs to appoint a fun loving, part time DJ-ing new CEO then that's further compelling evidence of the power of 'normal' right?

Very fitting too given he (almost) shares a name with the great Bosnian-Croat deep house DJ, Solomun!

But joking aside, I think there is a serious point to reflect on here. I'm a firm believer that just because you end up in a leadership position doesn't mean that you have to fit any stereotypical mould. It certainly doesn't mean you should suddenly try to change or pretend to be someone you're not - quite the opposite!  

Indeed, demonstrating that you are normal and approachable and just like the colleagues you work with (well, almost) is an important trait of good leadership in my book.

Giving your all to lead by example and trying to motivate colleagues, trusting them and doing what you can to support them and help them to give their best and get the best out of themselves is critical. That will always be a big focus for me. Being genuine, authentic, sincere, kind and true to oneself and demonstrating that you care for others plays a major part in helping to achieve that goal (as an aside I think Gareth Southgate is an excellent recent example of that....plus he's got humility and emotional intelligence in spades which always helps).

So I feel empowered by this story to carry on simply being the real me without trying to pretend I have no weaknesses and imperfections (which I do, obviously). I will always work very hard and give my all, I love Brabners and its people and I will wholeheartedly devote myself to the role of Managing Partner, which means a lot to me....but I will also unashamedly always happily and openly say that my family and friends mean so much more to me and I make no apologies for keeping a sense of balance to ensure there's lots of fun, memorable experiences and happy times with family and friends to be had away from work.

So I'll also make no apologies for still enjoying trips to Ibiza to blow some steam and let my hair down (while I still have it)....and I can confirm that being at Glastonbury festival next year is a likely early front runner to be one of my favourite highlights of 2019.

Keep on spinning those dance tunes David, you're leading the way!