The Manchester Evening News has recently reported upon the unusual approach taken by a recruitment start up business with regards to the issue of annual leave.

Grad Touch, based in the Northern Quarter has chosen to step away from the more traditional holiday schemes used by employers, with seemingly great results.

The Working Time Regulations 1998 entitles employees and workers to take 5.6 weeks’ annual leave per year. For most full time workers, this equates to 20 days annual leave, plus 8 bank holidays.  Whilst some employers are more generous, for example allotting additional days due to performance or length of service, the vast majority of employees across the country are still allocated a specific number of days per year to be taken as holiday.

Recent years have seen the introduction of more flexible working practices within businesses, fuelled not only by the increasing number of women who still wish to pursue a career after starting a family, but also assisted by advances in technology that makes working from home much easier. A handful of businesses have elected to extend this flexible approach to the issue of annual leave, permitting employees to take as many holidays as they wish throughout the year, on the understanding that clear targets still need to be met. The premise of this approach is that the employees are considered responsible enough to manage their own time and work load, whilst still ensuring that client and customer needs are met.

Whilst this approach obviously cannot work for all businesses, as can be seen from the report below, many employers are seeing an increase in business and sales, which could be attributed to happier and more well rested employees.