The PL transfer window (whereby permanent and temporary player registrations (loans) can be concluded) closed at 17:00 on 9 August 2018. However, whilst the EFL transfer window for permanent player registrations closed at the same time as the PL window, EFL clubs can still conclude loans, including those with options to buy, up until 31 August 2018.

EFL clubs have more money than ever and it may well see some of the 'bigger' EFL Championship clubs wanting to take advantage of a PL club (which may have overstretched financially in the window) by offering to take a PL player on loan, perhaps with a commitment to buy the player in January. Some EFL Championship clubs will be able to afford a large part of the PL player's wages and may look to secure a favourable future transfer fee base don the current market value of that player.

We have seen the loan transfer becoming more popular, for a number of reasons, in previous windows, and the complexity of the loan agreements reflect the increased sophistication in the loan market. With increased commercial value and complexity comes risk and both PL and EFL clubs should take care when negotiating and drafting loan agreement documentation.

Let's see what unfolds in the next couple of weeks. Perhaps there are still a few big transfers waiting to unfold.