Only a few days ago my colleague Emma James published an article around the BEIS releasing a report on employers compliance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 (the "Reg's").  

It continues to be clear that despite the Reg's, some companies take compliance with the Reg's and what they are doing with regards to their gender pay gap seriously as can be shown with with the pension investment consultancy Redington.  However too many companies still do not take this aspect as seriously as other compliance aspects within their business.

My view, is that the majority of employee's want to feel valued for the work they undertake and be paid the market rate for their skills and expertise, although I am a big believer that an employee's working environment and the colleagues they work with are also a very important factor as well.   

So why do companies continue to down play gender pay? Surely they want to attract the best talent from the pool available in the market, or is the view that the new era of millennial's are not as concerned with equality of pay because they are more concerned with flexibility of work and the ease of obtaining a job? 

My stumbling point however comes about from the concept that even if the new era are (which I don't necessarily agree with) more concerned with flexibility, what if that flexibility continues to develop and becomes the norm then surely a significant differential between two post could come right back to the beginning point of salary.........

Most would take the higher salary on offer and the company still looses out on the individual they wanted to bring on board. 

I would like to think that articles around Gender Pay Gap start to decline due to the position substantially improving, but my father's description of me having a 'Disney mindset' maybe fairly well defined.