Flexible working is a right all employees are eligible for once they have completed at least 26 weeks continuous employment. Once this criteria is met, any employee (not just those returning from maternity leave) can make a flexible working request, but only one request can be made in any 12 month period.

It is therefore disappointing to read that a survey undertaken by flexible working experts 'Timewise' has concluded that two-thirds of part-time workers feel isolated and struggle to make professional connections.

In an age where technology and communications are far more advanced than they have ever been, it is not surprising to see that large companies such as Lloyd's Banking Group and EY have taken positive steps to increase the number of roles with agile working arrangements, but how do SME's successfully accommodate these arrangements?

The practical challenges will continue to be difficult to manage, but I would urge all businesses to look at their business structure's internally and consider what, if any changes they can make.