Last night Channel Four News produced a piece on the difficulties faced by many mums returning to work, noticeably a lady called 'Aisling Pereze' who had a career break of 5 years to look after her three children.

Aisling explained, how she feels like she has been punished for taking time off work to look after her children and went onto explain her acceptance that she would go back to work on a 'pay cut' from where she was five years ago.  Aisling is not on her own.

Despite some pressures on companies to improve their gender pay gap, companies continue to fail to get women back to work.  Unfortunately, this barrier increases as women get older.

There is some light, with a new type of program called 'returnships' which act like a trial period for the individual and the company, an example of this is 'The Return Hub' which focuses on opportunities in the finance sector.

With the Government also launching consultation on mandatory ethnicity pay reporting as well yesterday (to close on the 11 January 2019), companies really do need to start taking serious steps to improve the imbalance within employment.