According to a government survey, almost half of UK businesses experienced at least one cybersecurity attack last year.

Statistics revealed that 66% of attacks occurred in SMEs which highlights the importance of data protection practices.

Data protection has been a hot topic this year following the implementation of GDPR, and one of the principles under GDPR states that businesses must ensure that they have appropriate security measures in place to protect personal data.

So what has caused nearly half of UK businesses experiencing breaches and attacks?

In recent years, there has been a rise of businesses becoming more digitally connected. The rapid advancements in technology poses additional cybersecurity risk and the increase in data being stored electronically means businesses must adopt sophisticated security measures.

It is essential that businesses ensure all data protection policies are up to date and that they have appropriate security measures in place, not only because it is a requirement under GDPR, but also because of the cost, disruption and lack of consumer confidence a data breach can cause to your business.

More businesses are spending money on enhanced data protection and security and the government has revealed that approximately 58% of businesses have sought information or advice in the past year.

Therefore, although statistics reveal that a vast majority of businesses have been exposed to breaches and attacks, its seems as though businesses are taking appropriate measures to ensure that the data they hold is protected.