I felt very privileged to be invited to attend the Northern Power Futures Festival last weekend as a panel speaker talking about the 'Art of Networking' - more about that here.

This was the first Northern Power Futures Festival to take place, curated by Simone Roche MBE, the founder of the Northern Power Women Awards.  The event was aimed at inspiring the future of the North and there were over 1000 attendees.

I was part of a panel which discussed the importance of networking.  All of the panellists, myself included, had a job which requires an element of business development.  

Here are some of my top tips from the day:

  1. Use platforms such as social media to follow up after meeting a new contact.
  2. Think about what you can 'give' a new contact before you ask what you can 'get'. 
  3. And the most important one for me - always be your genuine authentic self.

We were also asked why we network? For me, it is all about being a visible role model, particularly to the younger generation, hopefully to inspire them to go and do great things in their careers. 

The next Northern Power Futures Festival will take place in Newcastle in February - tickets are still available here.