Poundland have this week announced that they have already sold 20,000 'engagement rings' since the product was launched in January this year. For the sum of £1 you can buy a ring to use in any planned proposal. The ring has been marketed on the basis of being a temporary fix; allowing you to later choose the real ring with your betrothed. This may be particularly helpful for those worried about getting their selection right, or wanting to share the experience of buying the ring with their loved one. There may however be some who are inclined to keep their £1 ring.

So does the ring really matter? As a family lawyer I would always point out that an engagement ring is a gift, which your significant other does not have to return if things turn sour. Worth bearing in mind if you intend to spend a very large sum. 

Would you be happy to receive a Poundland ring? Some may say that the decision to marry is one of love and commitment, which should not be impacted by material considerations. Others may worry that a failure to choose an item of some value and emotional significance may be indicative of a casual attitude towards their marriage. Each couple will have to decide for themselves.