Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the many tech related buzzwords that has been thrown around in recent years and, for some time, seemed to focus on novelty applications, with glitchy mobile apps superimposing CGI images over a camera feed (Pokemon Go, anyone?).

However, we are increasingly seeing AR being used in commercial applications as an innovative and immersive way to demonstrate products and services, and the quality of these AR products is becoming more and more impressive.

Our friends over at The Alchemist recently launched an augmented reality cocktail menu through their mobile app, The Conjurer, allowing customers to enjoy a "theatrical drinking experience" by aiming their camera at the drinks coaster.

Utilising exciting technology in a business which isn't particularly focused on tech can be a great way to offer customers something 'a bit different', and it will be interesting to see the extent to which AR and VR will come into the mainstream in retail, leisure and other sectors over the next few years.

Who's up for a cocktail?