Until I saw this article, I have to say I had not considered the concept of flexi-schooling for younger children…….yet flexi-schooling is exactly what method is traditionally used to teach college children upwards.

The well-being of all of the individuals in a family unit is important for each person in that unit.  How many times do we find ourselves in a situation where we are under pressure or not on the top of our game, as we are supporting our partner, child, nephew or niece through something that is happening in their life?

Won’t children engage better if they are able to spend more time being just that, children?

Flexibility at work is becoming a very important aspect of a person’s job requirements, in my view flexibility for example around location, hours, job-sharing will be aspects potential recruits will strongly consider (if they are not already doing so) as part of whether they will apply to a vacancy or not.

Flexible working hand in hand with flexi-schooling seems a positive concept, after all don’t we all learn best, when we are happy, calm and supported?