Companies House have recently confirmed that a no deal exit from the EU will impact the information that some companies will be required to file with Companies House.

The changes will come into effect on the day of exit, but only if the UK leaves the EU with a no deal, and will not apply if there is a transitional agreement.

A no deal Brexit will result in a number of Companies House forms being amended and some being discontinued. There will also be additional filing requirements for UK companies with a director or secretary which is not a UK registered limited company.

Companies House have confirmed that the additional information required will be aligned to that required from non-EEA companies, including notifying the Registrar of the legal form of the corporate officer and the law by which it is governed.

If your company is effected by these changes, you will have 3 months from the date of exit to supply the additional information to Companies House, and amended forms will be available on the day of exit.

Companies House have also confirmed that, if a withdrawal agreement is agreed with the EU which includes an implementation period, they expect that these changes will not come into effect until after the end of the implementation period.

More information on the legislative changes that give effect to these requirements are contained in the Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships and Partnerships (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019.