The number of individuals making Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) continues to grow according to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG).  People recognise the personal empowerment which comes from putting plans in place to safeguard their personal and financial arrangements should they lose capacity.  

In 2019 the numbers of LPA documents submitted for registration to the OPG was 800,400 which is up to three times the number submitted in recent years.

The OPG is looking to engage with those audiences who they believe are less inclined to make an LPA and one of those key groups is younger people.

LPAs are incredibly useful documents which can resolve many problems in difficult circumstances.  Part of the drive to encourage people to make LPAs will be to ensure that fears concerning the potential for fraudulent activity by the attorney are dealt with. The OPG continues to strenuously deal with attorneys who misuse their position and will inevitably be seeking to develop further the monitoring of attorneys.  

Making an LPA is an important legal process and as such should be undertaken with professional advice in order to create a bespoke document which protects and empowers you whatever your age.