Recently I had my dad over for Sunday lunch and we were discussing Equality, specifically my personal views as to why there is still so much more to be done (I do acknowledge there has been progress).  My dad told me to be patient and not expect change over night..........I didn't accept his position (although I respected his view).

The latest information from the World Economic Forum ("WEF") highlights that the gap between men and women measured in terms of political influence, economic gain and health and education, has narrowed over the last year, but will take another century to disappear completely.

Interestingly, their view is that the gender pay gap has grown due to women being under-represented in almost all of the fastest growing job sectors, such as cloud computing and AI.

Furthermore, the UK has slipped from 15th to the 21st place, with Iceland being in top spot, with Norway not that far behind.

With a New Year just around the corner, more has to be done.  I may not see this shift in equality in my life time, but I am certainly prepared to try...... and if not I want to play my part in contributing to the change for future generations.