It is reported that Travelex staff are having to use pen and paper because their systems are subject to a ransomware attack. 

The prevalence of such attacks is increasing and ransomware (technology which encrypts and locks down a device or system usually until a payment is received) is particularly common because of the apparent ease to effect an attack. Attacks like these are often the result of a combination of other attacks which lead the way for the ransomware attack.

The BBC has reported that the hackers claim to have gained access to the company's computer network six months ago and to have downloaded 5GB of sensitive customer data including dates of birth, credit card information and national insurance information. 

Interestingly the report states that the ICO (data regulator) is yet to receive a breach report from Travelex.

In the event that the breach poses a risk to the rights and freedoms of the individuals affected, Travelex has 72 hours from identifying that a breach has occurred to report to the ICO.