This article in The Guardian is well worth a read. 

Many people perceive divorce to be negative event but as an experienced family lawyer I often find it to be the exact opposite. 

Divorce can be difficult, stressful and upsetting and I have never met anyone who has taken that step lightly. However, divorce does not need to be a negative experience. At Brabners we work with a variety of other professionals including counsellors and financial planners to ensure that our clients receive the best support possible. 

I have noticed some clients feel a huge sense of relief following a divorce. Others, may still find it very difficult to process the hurt that the divorce or separation has caused. 

In cases where divorce is perceived as as a positive event this can help encourage a good relationship between former partners. This can make co-parenting more effective which is better for everyone concerned. 

It is important to recognise that all relationships are all very different and one size does not fit all. As family lawyers we treat each case very differently due to the objectives of our client and the sensitivities of the individuals involved.