You will recall that Baroness Prosser introduced a private members' bill the 'Equal Pay Bill 2019-2020' in the House of Lords on the 28 January 2020.  The Equal Pay Bill was developed by the Fawcett Society with a working committee of equal pay and human resources experts, as well as input from the EHRC.

Now the Fawcett Society has published research to accompany the Equal Pay Bill which astonishingly revealed that forty percent of people did not know that women have the right to equal pay for work of equal value!

Additionally, it highlighted that only thirty six percent of people know that women have a legal right to ask male colleagues about their salary if they believe they may be a victim of pay discrimination.

This is why the Equal Pay Bill is needed.

Furthermore, the Equal Pay Bill is also proposing to:-

(a) extend pay gap reporting to employers with 100 or more employees rather than as it is at present, more than 250;

(b) widen the scope of pay gap reporting beyond gender; and

(c) include the pay gap between employees of different ethnic groups.

It is therefore imperative that we continue to come together as one to ensure that equality is a possibility for all.