American actress Laura Dern has won an Oscar for best supporting actress for her role as divorce lawyer, Nora Fanshaw, in the Netflix film Marriage Story. 

I have seen lots of reviews, including the quote below which refer to Nora is being "predatory" or "manipulative". As a divorce lawyer myself I would be disappointed if these were the first words that came to mind if someone thought of me!

Most family lawyers will advise their clients on all of the options that are available to them following separation. This should always involve consideration of the least confrontational and most cost effective way to resolve matters.  The advice will include whether methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) are suitable to ensure that, where possible, cases are resolved amicably away from the court. We also regularly represent clients at court where an agreement cannot be reached otherwise. We always act to put the best interests of children and families first. 

I appreciate Marriage Story is a drama and does not necessarily reflect real life. However, I hope that the idea of an aggressive, money-grabbing divorce lawyer on screen does not prevent people from taking sensible and pragmatic legal advice at what is a very important part of their lives.