We are approaching the time of year where we see an increase in the number of enquiries for prenuptial agreements, ahead of weddings over the summer.

Prenups are increasingly popular amongst all generations. Prenups are likely to be taken into account upon divorce provided they are prepared properly. This means, where possible, providing full disclosure as to your financial circumstances, taking legal advice, providing reasonable provision in the agreement for your other half and any children. The agreement should also include provision for review in the future. 

Prenups are particularly popular where one person is wealthier than their betrothed, or upon remarriage following divorce. We also regularly assist families who are keen to protect wealth for future generations. 

If you are getting married this summer it is important to seek advice sooner rather than later. The guidance is to have the prenup signed at least 28 days prior the wedding. In the run up to your wedding there will be other things that you will want to be focused on so it is advisable to plan ahead.  

If you feel there is insufficient time before your wedding or if you are already married we can discuss the possibily of a postnuptial agreement with you. They carry exactly the same legal weight as a prenup.