Our employment team has experienced an increase in advising clients around sexual harassment in the workplace.  One aspect that is becoming more frequently advised upon from a litigious perspective is 'banter' and 'sexual jokes' in the workplace.

With this in mind, businesses may have missed the recent technical guidance from the Equality and Human Rights Commission ("EHRC") on "Sexual Harassment and Harassment at Work" (the "Guidance").  

Although the Guidance is lengthy (82 pages long), it sets out employers’ legal responsibilities in respect to such conduct, and highlights the steps that can be taken to respond effectively and tackle sexual harassment.

It is not enough for businesses to simply have an 'anti-harassment' policy in place and do nothing more, employees need to be educated and trained as one person's perspective and interpretation will probably be different to another person's.

We can help you address these issues with our “Sexual Harassment Healthcheck”. For a fixed fee, our experienced team of employment lawyers will audit your practices and policies and provide you with clear action points to ensure compliance in this area.