US Soccer have been forced to apologise for language in a court filing made by the federation in their legal dispute with the women's national team over equal pay.

The court papers filed on behalf of US Soccer state that the job of a male footballer on the national team requires "a higher level of skill based on speed and strength" than their female counterparts.

The US Women's team have won 5 Olympic Gold medals and are four time world champions. Between 2016 and 2018 the Women's team generated more revenue from ticket sales than the men's team.

Not only is this embarrassing for US Soccer, being accused of outright sexism in a claim for gender discrimination, but they are also facing backlash from major sponsors. Coca-Cola told the Wall Street Journal it found the language used in the filing "unacceptable and offensive."

With public opinion, the men's national team and now sponsors firmly on the side of the women's team in this dispute it may be that even if US Soccer is successful in the legal action the reputational damage to the federation has already been done.