We are all in uncertain times, working remotely, children about to be at home rather than at school, your partner working in another room and thoughts of your parents, grandparents and friends and their well-being too.

The Government are already looking at changes to the Mental Health Act to ensure that there is more flexibility in terms of support.  NHS England in conjunction with chief executives of mental health trusts and other mental health service providers, are putting out a series of updates to share information.

Employers must ensure that they are supporting their employees, monitor the government's updates and keep your employees abreast of the information by emails, WhatsApp or calls.  Inform them of the steps the company is taking.

Be as transparent as you can, difficult decisions may have to be made about hours, salaries and pulling together to ensure the viability of the business.

However we can all take small steps ourselves to help our own personal well-being during this time:-

1) Ensure you exercise - Mr Motivator (yippee I hear from those who know him) is back and has already put sessions online, and if you can get out for a walk build it into your daily routine;

2) Don't over indulge and keep a healthy diet;

3) Check in daily if it suits and call your parents, friends and family, they too will have worries and concerns, but ensure you talk about other things, it's important to not be focusing on the current situation all the time;

4) Try and keep as normal a routine as possible, bedtime and same awake time. Even think about the clothes you are wearing whilst working from home, working in your normal or business attire will help you function; and

5) Laugh - laughing and meaningful experiences reduce the stress hormone cortisol, and release good hormones that will pick you up.

Our employment team and the wider firm are here to help, give us a call or an email and we will endeavor to come back to you as quick as we can.