Due to the “unprecedented uncertainty” caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, the Government Equalities Office (“GEO”) and Equality and Human Rights Commission (“EHRC”) have confirmed today, that the deadline for the gender pay gap reporting year 2019/2020 has been suspended.

The deadline for public sector is 4 April and for the private sector 30 March each year, with these deadlines soon approaching only 26% of expected reporters had submitted their data. From 2017, any organisation that has more than 250 employees must publish and report the specific figures of their gender pay gap. If these deadlines had been left in place the EHRC would then have had the power to investigate employers who failed to report their gender pay gap data and potentially seek a court order or fine.

The announcement on the Gov.uk website confirmed that if employers still do want to report this data the GEO will provide support but there is no longer an expectation to.