Companies House have recently announced that any companies affected by Covid-19 can apply for a three-month extension for filing their annual accounts.

If your accounts will be late because your company is affected by the current pandemic, and your filing deadline has not yet passed, you can apply for an automatic and immediate three-month extension through a fast-tracked online system.

Companies House has issued guidance indicating that companies that have already extended their filing deadline, or shortened their accounting reference period, may not be eligible for the extension.

They have also confirmed that if accounts are filed late, a penalty will be applied.

If you need to apply to extend your accounts filing deadline, the service can be found via this link.

In addition to the extension on annual accounts, HMRC have also announced that there will be temporary changes to its guidance on stamping stock transfer forms and paying stamp duty.

They have confirmed that, due to the current pandemic, stock transfer forms and other transfer instruments should not be posted to HMRC for stamping. Instead, they should be sent by email to For a company purchase of own shares, an electronic version of form SH03 can be emailed to HMRC.

HMRC have also confirmed that they will accept e-signatures on forms or instruments whilst these measures are in place and those who are unable to sign or date forms should contact HMRC via email.

Payment of stamp duty on shares must also be made electronically and details of the transaction should be emailed to HMRC rather than by post.

Anyone who has recently made submissions by post should consider resubmission electronically as HMRC have confirmed that posted submissions will not be assessed or returned until the temporary measures end.

If you require any assistance with Companies House filings or stamp duty submissions during this time, please contact a member of our team.