As we expected the Women’s Euros have been moved to Summer 2022. The move was necessary due to the change in date of the Olympics, seen as one of the major international events in Women’s Football, and also the Men’s Euros which have been pushed back to 2021.

There are still a number of issues to be considered following this announcement. First of all, the tournament to be held in England will now need to fit around the Commonwealth Games which are set to take place in Birmingham from 27 July to 7 August. Logistically that may cause difficulty both in terms of venues for the competition but also resources required to host major international events.

For England fans, they will want to know whether Phil Neville will still be the Manager. His contract was due to expire after the 2021 Euros campaign and he has spoken often about his focus being to get the team in the best possible shape for the Olympics first and then the Euros. But with 7 losses in their last 11 games and a poor showing at the She Believes Cup earlier this year where England were the defending champions, plenty of people have questioned whether Phil is still the right man for the job. We imagine the FA is taking this time to consider the long term strategy for the women’s national team, particularly as their success is so crucial to their goal of increasing participation, investment and interest in the women’s game at all levels.

From a commercial point of view our Sports Sector team have been considering the impact of season suspensions and tournament postponements in a series of blogs you can find here.