Earlier this month Google and Facebook announced that their staff were permitted to work from home until the end of the year. Twitter has now taken a step further by providing that its  staff can work from home "forever" if they want to. 

Twitter has also said that alternatively, individuals can return to the office when it opens, which means that 4,000 individuals across its global offices now have a choice.

Is this, as has been described an "era defining moment"?

For some, social interaction with  colleagues is an important part of working life and an essential ingredient in maintaining  a sense of “team “. There is also the question of training and development of staff and whether this can effectively be achieved in a remote capacity?

Ultimately, it will depend on  the outlook and strengths of each individual  and the ability of the business to play to those strengths.

We are certainly at a point  where employers have been forced to embrace home working due to COVID-19. Employers should take time to reflect on   the positives from this experience  as well as the negatives, and consider  how arrangements for home working could be improved in the new “normal”.

Engagement with staff will be a key step.  Some of the various factors to consider before  returning  to work are set out in our recent COVID-19 updates. 

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