Last night in the House of Commons MPs debated the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill. MPs voted by a majority of 231 votes to allow the Bill to continue through Parliament.

This is excellent news for separating couples. If the reforms are introduced, couples would simply have to state that they believed their marriage had broken down irrievably in order to obtain a divorce. This would mean, by way of example, that there would be no need to cite adultery, unreasonable behaviour or desertion to evidence that the marriarge has broken down, as is currently the case. 

The aim of this reform is to enable couples to divorce with dignity and to reduce unneccessary conflict. The majority of couples who divorce, do so amicably. However, where relationship breakdown has been acrimonious, research has shown that the current "fault" based divorce system only seeks to exacabate acrimony. 

If the Bill continues to successfully pass through Parliament hopefully we will see the implementation of "no-fault" divorce by the end of the year.