We were delighted to note that the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill was approved by the House of Commons this week. The Bill will shortly return to the House of Lords for an amendment to be considered before it receives Royal assent and becomes an Act of Parliament.

The Justice Secretary Robert Buckland has indicated that no-fault divorce should be implemented by Autumn 2021. 

This is significant news for married couples who separate. It means that they will be able to divorce without apportioning blame. The objective of the the reforms is to make divorce less confrontational for all concerned and should make it easier for the couple to separate amicably. Maintaining an amicable separation is a key priority of many separating couples, especially where children are involved. 

Autumn 2021 is still a long time to wait and it is important to stress that for some people it may be in their interests not to delay a separation or divorce. It is still possible to have an amicable separation within the current framework of the law, although it is hoped that it will be easier to do so in the future.