My colleague Kate Venables recently wrote about the risk of death for those diagnosed with COVID-19 being disproportionately higher for people from BAME communities compared to white ethnic groups. 

The article also highlighted the frustration of many that a recent Public Health England  report offered no guidance or advice on how to better protect BAME people.

Thankfully this has now been addressed, at least in part, following the publication of NHS guidance on risk assessments for particularly at risk and vulnerable groups within its workforce. 

The guidance specifically addresses outputs and actions that should be considered for those team members who are potentially more at risk due to their race and ethnicity, age, weight, underlying health conditions, disability, or pregnancy. 

The guidance goes on to make it clear that managers should still be mindful of treating any risk assessment discussions in a compassionate and considerate matter.

If you have any concerns about risk assessments or your duties as an employer whilst the country moves towards reopening, please contact a member of the employment team.