It has been reported that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the adoption of digital health technologies resulting in the transformation in digital health.

Due to the pandemic, virtual healthcare is being offered to patients rather than face-to-face care and it is alleged that more than 80% of doctor appointments are now being held online compared to a mere 10% prior to the pandemic.

There has been a fundamental change in work practice by patients and doctors as a result of the pandemic which will likely result in the wider adoption of digital health technologies in routine practice.

The importance of digital health technologies during the pandemic is clear, with many vulnerable patients shielding, and lockdown restrictions preventing physical contact, doctors have been opting for virtual healthcare where possible.

Digital health technologies have provided a number of benefits and a positive impact on healthcare delivery and, unsurprisingly, the pandemic has helped shed more light on the importance of digital healthcare.

As a result of wide-scale adoption of digital health technology, many companies have attracted significant investment.

The funding available in the UK is estimated at £75m in 2020 for digital health companies.

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